Help for Advertisers

What we do best is let people know you are here and help them to learn about you and your services. We appreciate your business and want to be a part of your solution during this trying time.

For a limited time, we are offering a free video message on your behalf to help with just that.

To keep everyone safe, here is our procedure for producing these:

Step 1
Fill out the form below. We will write script based on your responses and send it to you for approval, along with a short list of photos and short video clips needed to produce your message.
Have a script in mind? Use the form to submit it. If you are ready with 5-7 photos and 2-3 10-second video clips, you can submit them at the same time. If not, we will make recommendations via email/text, and you can return to this form and submit.

Step 2
Return to this form and select "I'm ready to submit my photos/video".

Step 3
Your produced video will be delivered via email or text for approval. Depending on demand, we will do them as quickly as possible.

Step 4
Once approved, the video will be posted on our social media, that you are encouraged to share. We will also send it to you for download to use as you see fit. If posting, please tag us!


Tips for taking photos, shooting video:

-Take all pictures and video in a landscape format - with your phone on it’s side.
-Wipe the lens of your phone before filming
-When you start filming, press record, count to 2 and then move slowly, when you have what you need, count to 2 again before stopping.
-Try not to have a bright light behind your subject. Try changing your angle so that your phone can adjust the light for your subject.
-People who appear in your video should give permission for filming. In normal circumstances, a signed release is best. However, at this time we will assume you have their verbal approval.